Scuba Diving Flinders Reef - Double Dive

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Flinders Reef is a small isolated reef near Moreton Island, 5 kilometres (3 mi) north-east of Cape Moreton inSouth East Queensland, Australia. It has the highest number of coral species of any subtropical reef system along Australia's east coast and is the nearest true coral reef to Brisbane. Flinders Reef is one of Queensland's most popular dive sites. The reef is protected within the Moreton Bay Marine Park and is monitored by theReef Check conservation program

Scuba dive among an amazing array of marine life and coral, perfect for any diver. The walls, gutters, caves and pinnacles of this reef are covered in over one hundred coral species including staghorn, brain, plate and many others, as well as soft corals, gorgonians and sponges. On your dive, you'll discover that Flinders Reef also hosts more than 175 species of reef fish, invertebrates, turtles, stingrays, wobbegong sharks and even the occasional manta ray.

The diverse amount of marine life include schools of wrasse, sweetlip, trevally, parrotfish, bat, surgeon, turtles and tropical fish. Manta rays, wobbegongs and leopard sharksare among the larger creatures that reside here. Sightings of whaler sharks are sometimes seen on the eastern side of Flinders. During the months of June to September, humpback whales can be seen on the surface as they pass by.